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Drafting Design Technology students explore local industries

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Keystone Central CTC students are pictured during their tour at Nutek, given by Operations Lead John Andrews.

MILL HALL — Students from the Drafting Design Technology program at Keystone Central CTC recently embarked on a tour through some of McElhattan’s prominent industries.

Accompanied by their instructor, Frederick Hoy, the students looked at the operations of First Quality Products, Nutek and the Wayne Township Landfill, gaining insights into the manufacturing and environmental sectors.

First stop on the itinerary was First Quality Products, where students toured two cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. They were not only treated to a comprehensive tour but also engaged in discussions with key personnel, gaining firsthand knowledge of the intricate manufacturing processes. The visit also shed light on the remarkable growth of First Quality, from its modest beginnings in 1989 with just 20 employees to becoming the largest employer of Clinton County.

At Nutek, students were briefed by John Andrews, Operations Lead, on the protocols for entering the “clean environment” of the facility. This hands-on instruction provided a glimpse into the stringent standards upheld in high-tech manufacturing settings.

The tour culminated at the Wayne Township Landfill, where students were given a comprehensive overview of its design, construction and operational protocols. Discussions on topics such as landfill lining, methane capture and environmental sustainability underscored the facility’s commitment to protecting the local ecosystem. A bus tour of the facility allowed students to see the operation and engineering processes that the landfill uses to protect our land, water and air. The tour concluded with a visit to the recycling facility, reinforcing the importance of responsible waste management practices.

Reflecting on the experience, Hoy emphasized the significance of field trips in bridging classroom learning with real-world applications stating that many of our students were really surprised to see such a high level of technology being utilized at all these facilities.

Acknowledgement was extended to the Clinton County CareerLink office for their support in facilitating transportation funding and trip coordination, underscoring the collaborative efforts to enrich educational experiences for students.

The tour not only provided students with practical insights but also instilled a deeper appreciation for the relationship between schools, industry and community.

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