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Don’t be alarmed by this scary-looking warning on your OnePlus Watch 2

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  • OHealth, the companion app for the OnePlus Watch 2, threw an ominous warning to users, informing them that the app tried to access sensitive Google account data but was blocked by Google.
  • However, this warning appears to be triggered by Google’s deprecation of the Google Fit API rather than any activity from OnePlus.
  • OnePlus is rolling out an update to the OHealth app that subsequently removes Google Fit integration.

OnePlus took a solid crack at making a good smartwatch with the OnePlus Watch 2. While we do like the watch overall, we note in our OnePlus Watch 2 review that it is not perfect. Some of the issues on the smartwatch are also coming in from the Wear OS platform, like the messy data sharing through Health Connect with services like Google Fit. OnePlus Watch 2 users found themselves staring at an ominous warning in the OHealth app, but there’s no reason to fret.

Recently, the OHealth app that is needed to pair and effectively use the OnePlus Watch 2 showcased two warnings. The first warning mentioned that the app was requesting access to “sensitive info” in your Google account and that OPPO (and OnePlus) needed to verify the app with Google. The second warning came with scarier wordings, mentioning that the app tried to access “sensitive info” in your Google account, and Google blocked this access to keep your account safe.

When I received the warning on my OnePlus Watch 2, I was quite alarmed for obvious reasons. However, the OHealth app appeared to work normally, with its functions as accessible as they previously were. Since the verification warning came from Google, it could do something with Google Fit and Health Connect integrations within the app. Health Connect appeared to be working fine, though I could not arrive at a conclusion for Google Fit.

Redditor MSTRFLSH reached out to OnePlus support, who informed that the warning appeared due to the deprecation of the Google Fit API:

We are aware of this issue and have initially confirmed that it is related to the verification of the Google Fit API.


According to Google’s official statement, the Google Fit API will end in May 2024, and recommended the use of alternative Health Connect.


OHealth has cooperated with Google to complete the migration to Health Connect. If you need to share data to Google Fit, please allow OHealth to write data to Health Connect in OHealth’s “Personal Center – Data Sharing – Health Connect” and allow Google Fit to read data from Health Connect.

We reached out to OnePlus for more information, and a spokesperson offered the following statement:

We have investigated internally and determined that the root cause of the pop up was a technical failure in the verification process between OHealth and Google Fit due to a configuration change in the background of the OHealth App in relation to Google Fit.


This issue can be resolved by updating your OHealth app to the latest version available on Google Play Store.


Rest assured; our users’ privacy remains of utmost importance to us. And we devote our best efforts to drive robust data security measures in order to ensure protection of our users’ data and compliance with applicable laws.

I can spot a new OHealth update on the Google Play Store. After updating, the app presents a prompt to connect to Google Fit, but clicking on it informs you that Google Fit APIs are being deprecated. Understandably, you can no longer connect Google Fit to OHealth.

The deprecation message erroneously mentions that the deprecation for Google Fit APIs was announced at Google I/O 2024 (which is not true as Google I/O is scheduled for tomorrow and hasn’t happened yet). Google did announce the deprecation of Google Fit APIs at the beginning of the month, and has advised apps to move to the Android Health platform. We expect to hear more details about the Android Health platform during Google I/O 2024 in the coming days.

Don’t be scared if you have received the same warning on your OnePlus Watch 2 or other Wear OS wearables with Google Fit integration. The error could likely be related to the Google Fit API deprecation.

OnePlus Watch 2OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2

Runs Wear OS 4 • Unique dual-chip architecture • Incredible battery life

OnePlus x Wear OS

The OnePlus Watch 2 is the company’s second-generation smartwatch and the first OnePlus wearable to feature the Wear OS platform, adding considerably more smart features, including access to the Google Play Store. It also features a dual-engine architecture with two chipsets working concurrently to deliver multi-day battery life.

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