Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Direct-to-consumer retailer Blindster boosts search returns with AI

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Blindster is upgrading search performance with AI.

The largest retailer of private label, custom-made window coverings in the U.S. is seeing surges in search revenue and conversions.

Blindster had been encountering limitations with its legacy search platform, which it found to prevent swift site changes and deliver a lackluster user experience. In addition, the search solution was unable to support Blindster’s millions of product SKUs or review a constantly growing index of product attributes.

To upgrade its search experience and improve performance, Blindster replaced its legacy platform the artificial intelligence-based Algolia AI Search solution, featuring analytics, rules, synonyms, and dynamic re-ranking functionality.

Since rolling out the Algolia platform, Blindster has reported 18% growth in search revenue and a 33% increase in search conversions. With Algolia seamlessly integrated across all category pages and poised for content implementation, Blindster also anticipates increased flexibility, alleviation of its developer workload, and advancement of personalization efforts.

“Algolia’s breakthrough AI Search solution enables Blindster to deliver exceptional shopping experiences, fostering enduring customer relationships and cementing our leadership in the market,” said Blindster CTO Hector Almaguer.

“Blindster’s experience underscores the unparalleled impact of Algolia’s solutions in driving engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction,” said Michelle Adams, chief revenue officer, Algolia. “We eagerly anticipate further collaboration as Blindster continues its trajectory toward tech-driven excellence.”

Everlane, Shoe Carnival apply AI to search

Omnichannel apparel brand Everlane and specialty apparel footwear retailer Shoe Carnival Inc. are also both leveraging Algolia AI-based search technology. 

Everlane is leveraging the Algolia NeuralSearch AI-based online search platform to perform end-to-end AI processing on every search query in an effort to improve the speed and accuracy of results. According to Everlane, it achieved a 45% decrease in the return of “no results,” a 5% increase in conversions, and an 8% increase in its click-through rate. 

Meanwhile, Shoe Carnival leverages the Algolia AI Search & Discovery platform to eliminate the manual work that goes into re-ranking, returning tailored search results to customers with natural language processing and using automation to simplify workflows. 

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