Thursday, May 23, 2024

CSignum Launches New Wireless Underwater Comms Device

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CSignum launched the EM-2 wireless platform for IoT sensor data and control from above the surface to below. The EM-2 interfaces to many common underwater sensors to wirelessly communicate data from under the water to above the surface or directly on land.

According to the company, the EM-2 remploys electromagnetic fields to pass data through water, ice, concrete, and rock to overcome the limitations of traditional wireless technologies. By harnessing electromagnetic field signaling (EMFS), data can be transmitted from below the water’s surface or underground to above-surface devices with unparalleled reliability.

EM-2 is intended to serve multiple markets, including: Maritime Security & Defense; Water Quality Monitoring; Offshore Wind & Energy Applications; and Underground Applications.

“EM-2 represents a quantum leap in underwater and underground communications technology,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at CSignum. “With its ability to transcend the barriers of traditional methods, EM-2 empowers industries to explore, monitor, and protect our waterways and subsea environments with unprecedented efficiency and reliability.”

The company says that the EM-2 enables real-time data transmission from beneath the surface to shorelines or riverbanks, and even through ice or underground locations. With bidirectional data transfers of up to 200 meters, EM-2 ensures successful deployment in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Its unique electromagnetic field-based communication method enables effective data transmission through mixed media scenarios.

The versatility of EM-2 lends itself to diverse applications including Internet of Underwater Things, ship monitoring, offshore structural monitoring, inland and coastal environmental monitoring, underground data monitoring, and defense and security operations.

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