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Perfect Corp. and NAO-ART

Perfect Corp. has announced a collaboration with NAO-ART, a subsidiary of the Art Nature Group and a provider of ready-to-wear wig brands for women.

This will see it provide NAO-ART with a virtual try-on tool for wigs utilising generative AI technology.

The target items include 53 wigs, including fashion wigs and medical wigs “RIS.”

Customers can experience this on NAO-ART’s e-commerce site. The initiative marks the first introduction of virtual wig try-on in Japan utilising Perfect Corp.’s generative AI technology.

Hiroki Shintoku, President at NAO-ART, says: “Until now, trying on wigs meant going to a store for face-to-face counselling, making it difficult to know if they suited you without purchasing them.”

“This challenge became more pronounced during the pandemic, and we have been exploring virtual wig try-on technology for several years. However, we had to abandon traditional AR technology as it was difficult to achieve a natural try-on feel.”

“Encountering Perfect Corp.’s AR try-on service utilising generative AI, we succeeded in reproducing the ideal try-on feel. I am sincerely delighted that various wigs, which are increasingly in demand as fashion items, can be tried on through AR experiences anytime, anywhere.”

“Also, it brings me great joy that cancer patients who require medical wigs can easily choose wigs with their families at home or in hospitals.”

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