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Best Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors in 2024

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Shield your shiny new smartwatch from scuffs, scrapes, and scratches

The Google Pixel Watch 2 might seem like a near-carbon copy of its predecessor. At first glance, you can see why the two devices might seem very similar, but beneath the glass, you’ll experience a totally revamped user interface. The second generation adds a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chipset and improved sensors for fitness and activity tracking. On the software side, the watch is powered by Wear OS 4. Altogether, these features are enough to make it one of the best Android smartwatches right now.

No matter how great the watch might perform, Pixel Watch 2 still needs protection to shield it from impacts and scuffs. And if you’re dropping $350 on a new smartwatch, you’ll almost assuredly want to pair it with a screen protector to buffer the glass’ crystal clarity. The upside is that it’s the same exact size and dimensions as the previous Watch, so all the protectors and cases for the original Pixel Watch will also fit the Pixel Watch 2, and with some updates, you’ll find various solid options out there.

  • nanw google pixel watch screen protector-1

    NANW Soft Bumper Case and Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    Best overall

    If you’re not a fan of tempered glass but would like your Pixel Watch 2 to be safe and secure regardless, this screen protector and case option is an excellent choice. It’s a four-pack and a solid value at this price, and the TPU it’s constructed of is certain not to irritate your skin.

  • Spigen-Thin-Fit-Pixel-Watch-2-black

    Spigen Thin Fit Hard Case for Pixel Watch 2

    Premium pick

    $10 $15 Save $5

    You can get this case in either a matte black or clear plastic, depending on the look you’re going for, but either way, the Spigen Thin Fit Hard Case for the Pixel Watch 2 is a mix of elegance and rugged protection. The smooth finish is easy on your fingertips, while the rigid build is adept enough to ward off errant contact that can scratch or blemish the watch’s vibrant display.

  • IQShield-Protector-Pixel-Watch-2

    IQShield Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    Best value

    IQ Shield protectors are unique in that they’re made with a different process that combines self-healing properties with the reliability of never yellowing or changing tint over time. It’s just a single layer of flexible film, yet it manages to ward off scratches, dents, and blemishes with real consistency. Easy to apply, and with tools to ensure you don’t get unseemly bubbles popping up, too.

  • Tauri Google Pixel Watch Case

    Tauri Hard Case and Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    Best clear case

    Though this option from Tauri is more a full case than exclusively a screen protector, it’s entirely transparent, meaning it will be nearly invisible as it does its work, shielding your Pixel Watch 2 from harm with its polycarbonate bumper and 9H hardness glass screen protector. The glass is razor thin, as well, ensuring it won’t interfere with touch sensitivity on your Watch 2’s face.

  • Spigen ProFlex EZ Fit for Pixel Watch 2

    Spigen ProFlex EZ Fit Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    The ProFlex EZ Fit sits flush with your Pixel Watch 2’s screen as a result of the protector’s curved edge. This makes for highly responsive touch and high-quality coverage for the entire screen. Combined with an alignment tool that makes it easy to install the screen protector, the ProFlex is a great option by a solid brand.

  • ArmorSuit Pixel Watch Screen Protector

    ArmorSuit Military Shield for Pixel Watch 2

    The ultra-thin screen protectors in this six-pack cater exactly to the contours of your watch to even ensure coverage on the Pixel Watch 2’s curved bezels. The protection offered by this flexible thermoplastic urethane film is described as “military grade”, and it even boasts “self-healing technology” that handily eliminates minor scratches all by itself.

  • Supershieldz-screen-protector-Pixel-Watch-2

    Supershieldz Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    $7 $8 Save $1

    For tighter budgets, the Supershieldz Screen Protector will give your Pixel Watch 2 a way to hold off scratches while maintaining the transparency necessary to use the smartwatch. It’s not rugged protection, so don’t expect to serious durability when applying it, but when it comes to the daily grind of wearing Google’s smartwatch, you at least give it a better chance to avoid damage.

  • EGV google pixel watch screen rpotector-1

    EGV Screen Protector for Pixel Watch 2

    $10 $15 Save $5

    These film screen protectors not only keep your watch safe from scratches but are also particularly easy to use if you tend to find it fiddly to apply flexible screen guards. Not only is there an installation video available to watch beforehand, but the self-healing technology will also help make any unsightly bubbles disappear within 24 hours after applying it.

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