Saturday, June 22, 2024

Ardmore infrastructure projects taking shape despite weather delays

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – Ardmore City Engineer Josh Randell says it may be a few more months before the roundabout is done, but the city is excited to connect Merrick Drive to the growing Market Street shopping center.

“Drive down Kiowa, make a turn onto market street, and you’ll actually exit right into the lanes and area that you can pick up your groceries that you have ordered online,” Randell said.

Randell says this plan is all about convenience for Ardmore drivers, including the widening of the street to include a turning lane.

“Make it easy access, get in grab your groceries, turn around and drive right back out”, Randell stated.

He says a roundabout is the safest option for drivers, providing easy access to entrances and exits.

“Because it eliminates conflict points, at a traditional four way intersection you have close to 60-90 conflict points, different places that two vehicles or pedestrians can interact with one another,” Randell stated.

Randell says while they’re waiting for the ground to dry out, workers are improving storm drainage on 8th Street with new storm systems and curbs.

“Installation of a full storm sewer, and drop the road about six to eight inches for positive drainage out of their front yards,” he added.

These three projects are expected to bring an estimated 3.7 million dollar in infrastructure improvements to the city.

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