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Apple Intelligence: What is it and what it brings to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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Apple Intelligence (Source: Apple)

Apple introduced its own Apple Intelligence at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. Apple Intelligence is a personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, with an enhanced focus on understanding personal context. This new system will be integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

Reaffirming its commitment to privacy, Apple also introduced Private Cloud Compute, which has the “ability to flex and scale computational capacity between on-device processing and larger, server-based models that run on dedicated Apple silicon servers.”

Apple Intelligence: What it brings to the table

Writing tools

The systemwide “Writing Tools” feature enhances users’ writing capabilities across Mail, Notes, Pages, and third-party apps. Users can rewrite, proofread, and summarise text, tailoring the tone and style to fit various contexts and audiences.

Mail enhancements

In Mail, Priority Messages and email summaries simplify email management. Smart Reply and question identification ensure quick and comprehensive responses.

Notifications and Focus

Using intelligence, notifications have been refined to prioritise importance and provide summaries. The new “Reduce Interruptions” Focus mode surfaces only the most critical notifications.

Notes and Phone Apps

Users can now record, transcribe, and summarise audio in the Notes and Phone apps, with automatic notification of call participants during recording.

Image Creation with Image Playground

Image Playground introduces a fun and quick way to create images in various styles, such as Animation, Illustration, or Sketch. It’s accessible within Messages and other apps.

Genmoji: A New Level of Emoji

Users can create personalised Genmoji to express themselves in messages, adding a new dimension to digital communication.

Enhanced Photo and Video Search

Apple Intelligence enables natural language searches for photos and videos, making it easier to find specific moments or objects.

Memories with Narrative Arc

The Memories feature now crafts stories with narrative arcs based on user descriptions, utilising language and image understanding to select the best content.

Siri’s Advanced Capabilities

Siri has been upgraded with richer language understanding, becoming more natural and contextually relevant. It can now support users with device-related queries and actions.

ChatGPT Integration

Apple is integrating ChatGPT into its platforms, allowing users to leverage its expertise and content generation capabilities while maintaining privacy.


Apple Intelligence will be available in beta this fall, with full availability on select devices set for US English. Additional features and languages will follow.


Devices powered by Apple A17 Pro and M1 chip and later.

First Published: Jun 11 2024 | 7:45 AM IST

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