Sunday, July 21, 2024

A former Google employee just launched an AI movie company

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Image: Yuichiro Chino (Getty Images)

A former Google employee has launched a company that will make movies using generative artificial intelligence.

The company, DreamFlare AI, makes a platform through which users can connect with professional storytellers and third-party AI tools to make animated videos. Those videos are distributed online through paid subscriptions, offering creators the chance to get paid, according to TechCrunch.

AI-made content — songs, videos, chatbots’ query responses — have come under intense scrutiny from authors and journalists, musicians, film industry employees and other artists over concerns that the new production form infringes on copyrights and steal their livelihoods. In an interview with TechCrunch, co-founder John Liss said the AI platform has a stringent review process to make sure its content is created and used legally and safely. Liss also said DreamFlare’s AI-made shorts aren’t trying to take movie industry jobs.

“It’s an opportunity for creators to democratize storytelling,” Liss told the outlet. “We are excited to give human beings the opportunity to leverage this tool to tell exciting new stories.”

Liss left Google in March of last year to start DreamFlare with documentary filmmaker Robert Bralver. He previously led a team in charge of Google’s strategy for Android Business Messages, an AI-powered conversational commerce platform.

Liss also posted on LinkedIn Tuesday about the DreamFlare launch. “Our launch marks a significant milestone in our mission to create opportunities for people, and to spread joy.”

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