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13 Wayfair mirrors to shop for your home: Full-length, vanity, round, more

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You’re about to leave the house. You’re pretty sure you look great, but you’d love one last once-over to check that your shoes match your outfit. There’s only one issue: You don’t have the right mirror for it.

Maybe yours is cloudy, and no amount of cleaning will fix it. Antiques! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Or maybe you don’t have the full length that you need to take in the whole ‘fit. Either way, angling your phone just isn’t going to work. It’s time to shop for a new mirror, and fast.

Lucky for you, there’s always Wayfair, your one-stop shop for incredible deals on whatever furniture, appliance, or home decor need you may have. We’ve made no secret of our love for Wayfair, which is directly correlated to our love of deals, and mirrors are no exception.

Below, we’ve put together a list of our 13 favorite mirrors and mirror deals to shop at Wayfair, including full-length options, vanities, round mirrors, and even some choices with funky, modern flares, all of which should be ideal to check out your fit in.


The Tyro Bathroom Decorative Home Décor Corner Accent Mirror adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom with its sleek design and convenient corner-hanging feature.

Sabine Metal Rounded Rectangle Wall Mirror

Elevate your space with the Sabine Metal Rounded Rectangle Wall Mirror, featuring a modern yet timeless design that complements any decor style.

Vercher Metal Arched Bathroom/Vanity Mirrors (Set of 2)

Enhance your bathroom or vanity area with the Vercher Metal Arched Mirrors, a set of two stunning mirrors crafted from high-quality metal for durability and style.

Modern & Contemporary Lighted Fog Free Bathroom / Vanity Mirror

Experience luxury with the Modern & Contemporary Lighted Fog Free Bathroom / Vanity Mirror, offering both functionality and elegance with its fog-free design and built-in lighting.

Martinsen Metal Framed

Add sophistication to any room with the Martinsen Metal Framed Mirror, featuring a sleek metal frame that adds a touch of modernity to your space.


Make a statement with the Cloud Shaped Metal Wall Mirror, a unique and whimsical piece that adds personality and charm to your home decor.

Metal Flat Mirror

The Metal Flat Mirror offers simplicity and versatility, perfect for any room in your home where you need a classic, no-frills mirror.

Anjulie Arch Solid Wood Mirror Full Length Mirror

Bring a touch of classic elegance to your space with the Anjulie Arch Solid Wood Mirror Full Length Mirror, crafted from solid wood for a timeless look.

Mateus Distressed Solid Wood Full Length Wall Mirror

Create a rustic-chic vibe with the Mateus Distressed Solid Wood Full Length Wall Mirror, featuring a distressed finish that adds character and charm.

Ali Wood Accent Wall

Add a pop of natural beauty to your decor with the Ali Wood Accent Wall Mirror, showcasing a stunning wood frame that complements a variety of styles.

Amon Full Length Mirror Wavy Mirror Floor mirror

Make a bold statement with the Amon Full Length Wavy Mirror, featuring a unique wavy design that adds a touch of artistic flair to any room.


Add dimension to your space with the Locust Grove Octagon Wall Mirror, a striking mirror with an octagonal shape that enhances visual interest.

Daxia Wood Wall Mirror

The Daxia Wood Wall Mirror exudes warmth and character with its rustic wood frame, making it a perfect addition to any cozy home decor scheme.

This article was written by P.J. McCormick, New York Post Commerce Deals Writer/Reporter. P.J. is an expert deal-finder, sifting through endless brands and retailers to deliver only the best savings opportunities on truly worthwhile products. P.J. finds Prime Day-worthy deals all year long on some of our favorite products we’ve tested and our readers’ beloved best-sellers, from Wayfair furniture sales to the lowest prices on Apple AirPods. P.J. has been scouring sales for Post Wanted shoppers since 2022 and previously held positions at Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Hyperallergic. Please note that deals can expire, and all prices are subject to change.

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