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Your Weekly Horoscope For June 10-16 Is All About Peace And Healing

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Like the winds, we, too, shift our thoughts and ideas. We may have a hard time understanding the grand scheme of life, but we do the best we can in our journey. This week is all about healing and analyzing our sense of self that aligns with our personal beliefs. Read on for your weekly horoscope to understand what this all means for you.

​Your Weekly Horoscope Themes For June 10-16

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Remember that to live a thriving life, you must learn to transmute your inner dialogue.

Whether negative or positive, our thoughts shape our reality.

This week, the tone is about facing our past unresolved issues involving leadership and the ability to uplift our self-worth. It begins in sifting through our connections as Venus sextiles Chiron on June 11. Venus extends that light of awareness about our inner security while Chiron reveals the wounding we can overcome through acceptance. On the same day, a challenge can involve our place in the groups, such as Mars squares Pluto. Retrieving that feeling of security and confidence can be achieved by remembering to be true to ourselves and not accept defeat for the sake of over-compromising. It is time to honor yourself and remember that you are worthy.

Mercury, the ruler planet of Gemini Season, will face off against Saturn in a square on June 12, allowing you to review your inner thoughts. This day is best to meditate, learn how to clear residual negative thoughts, and stop overthinking in general. Remember to jot down your ideas and rehearse any presentations if you have any.

Preparation is key, and any impromptu sessions can backfire.

You have an opportunity to regain momentum and confidence on June 13, as the Sun sextiles Chiron, which presents an outlet for you to shape your next steps regarding leadership. The Sun in Gemini highlights the importance of open-mindedness to new ideas and paths. Mercury will also sextile Chiron, extending the moment for you to rebuild what has been lost. Communication and honesty are the key ingredients to mastering this planetary transit.

Expect conversations or thoughts to be ongoing, with no beginning and no end, as the Sun and Mercury align in conjunction on June 14. It can be a productive day involving tasks, but our messages can get “lost” as we tune into infinite possibilities. Ground yourself by focusing on what tasks need to be done instead of otherworldly ideas. Write your streams of consciousness in a journal and review them later.

This week concludes with an illusory transit on June 16. Venus square Neptune can attract themes of rose-colored hopes regarding our love story. The answer lies within your heart, and any fears or insecurities that may arise are only surface-layered projections. Mastering Neptune’s illusion is done by connecting with intuition or gut feeling.

Connect with your soul self or inner voice. This will be your guide.

If a red flag appears in your life or relationship, it is time to analyze your inner self. Today is the day to break free from the confines of your past unresolved illusions and see the truth. This will pave the way for a better outcome.

​Key Dates For Your Weekly Horoscope

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  • 6/11 Venus sextile Chiron, Mars square Pluto
  • 6/12 Mercury square Saturn
  • 6/13 Sun sextile Chiron, Mercury sextile Chiron
  • 6/14 Sun conjunct Mercury
  • 6/16 Venus square Neptune

​Read Your Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs For Your Weekly Horoscope

aries weekly horoscope


Expect a level up in your self-esteem this week, Aries. As Chiron continues its rein in your sign, you will undergo a series of realizations regarding authority while claiming your wants. In love matters, Venus will grace its support for you to either make amends with your partner or revitalize your love life. Go out and explore places you haven’t seen locally, and you may get lucky. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus powering up your third house, work on your communication skills and practice the art of reflective listening to get things moving in your favor. Go out and explore local hot spots. You may get lucky.

taurus weekly horoscope


This week can throw some curveballs involving your friendships and networks. Designate a space to rebuild yourself. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus lining up in your second house of self-worth and resources, you will thrive as you review your priorities. Get organized and focus inwardly to stay ahead in the game. You will feel like you are in a chrysalis stage, but you will emerge stronger as you slow down and practice gratitude for all you have built in your journey.

gemini weekly horoscope


Your birthday month continues, Gemini, and you will experience a boost in your confidence this week. The world will be your oyster with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus gracing your first house. Review your internal beliefs and analyze if your life is lining up to what you desire. You can say no to situations to make room for better opportunities. The ability to manifest is magnified, but this will require you to let go of what creates stagnation in your life. This week, you will realize how much strength you carry within. Focus on what stirs your heart to help you get started.

cancer weekly horoscope


Sometimes, you drift and daydream, but things are about to get serious regarding your long-term plans with work and dreams. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your twelfth house this week, you will get to the root of your wants and understand what needs clearance. Meditating or talking about your feelings will help you get clarity. Book a staycation or getaway to clear your head.

leo weekly horoscope


Expect this week to be energized and filled with opportunities, Leo. As the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in your eleventh house, your social calendar will be filled, and you may get lucky with forming incredible connections – professionally or romantically. Whatever you set your heart on, your radiance will show, and many will be on board with your vision.

virgo weekly horoscope


Are you living up to your true potential, Virgo? This week, this is your chance to get answers regarding your career direction. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your tenth house, it is not necessarily a time to jump to conclusions but a chance for you to line up your priorities. Arrange a discussion with your superiors or consult someone to boost your confidence. Name your terms and live it.

libra weekly horoscope


Turning the page and cutting the ties involving outmoded systems will be your motto this week, Libra. You have a supportive stellium of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus phasing in your ninth house. This is your moment to share your message or gifts with the world. It is also auspicious for you to reinvent your approach to life by aligning with your beliefs. Begin a sacred practice and stick with it. The Universe is waiting.

scorpio weekly horoscope


Expect this week to be reflective and otherworldly. With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your eighth house, it is time to dive deeply and observe your inner self and self-love. Unplugging, prioritizing rest, and establishing a set routine will improve your well-being. Facing your unresolved matters will be addressed seamlessly as you take care of your body. Confidence is key.

sagittarius weekly horoscope


Love will approach in unexpected ways, Sagittarius. It all begins from within, and this week will extend a flow of opportunities for you to evolve your love story while strengthening your connections. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are powering up your seventh house of commitment, and you have the support to go after what you want – or at least understand what you need in relationships.

capricorn weekly horoscope


Capricorn, you may get overly stimulated this week due to the Sun, Mercury, and Venus vacating your sixth house of daily routine and work life. Focusing on one task at a time will be best to navigate this course. With this cosmic excursion, you can also set a new health or self-care regimen. Bonus: The moon is waxing this week, so expect results!

aquarius weekly horoscope


Inspiration and creativity will flow for you this week, Aquarius. If you are contemplating a project, don’t hesitate. Once you begin, you will witness your ideas starting to form. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in your fifth house of creativity, romance, and fun will help you release any forms of doubt. Approach this week like a child, and you will experience the magic.

pisces weekly horoscope


Get ready to dial down and review your emotional landscape this week, Pisces. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will help you face the music that involves your emotional security. It all begins by reconnecting with your family or ancestral roots. It isn’t a period to lament past pain but to seek out a remedy. Don’t force results – channel your emotions into an art form by journaling. Or just be.

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