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Webinar: Face forward: Revolutionizing safety and ease at shopping centres | Biometric Update

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Face forward: Revolutionising safety and ease at shopping centres
May 22, 2024 at 3pm IST

The future of retail security and customer experience is here, and it’s powered by facial recognition technology! RecFaces, a leading provider of facial biometric software solutions, in collaboration with, the Shopping Centre Association of India (SCAI) are ready to host the ‘Face Forward: Revolutionising Safety and Ease at Shopping Centres’ virtual discussion.

22 May, 2024 is the date on the agenda for this virtual discussion which will be the engine of change for the APAC and MENA retail sector, giving the best experts and innovators the much-needed platform to discuss the limitless opportunities.

The session will be headed by the experts in facial biometrics and the shopping centres industries. It will shed light on the major problems of shopping centres, from security operations to customer experience. And how facial recognition systems can be applied to strike these challenges with an aim for efficiency. RecFaces is happy to be a part of this conversation with the industry and to explore the immense possibilities that facial biometrics can unlock in the retail sector.

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