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Walmart says ‘it should be hassle-free’ after shopper points to Catch-22 policy

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A WALMART customer angry at the store’s extreme anti-theft measure has heard back from the retail giant.

The customer posted on X a picture of deodorants locked up in one Walmart store.


Shoppers at stores like Target and Walmart are done with the stores’ extreme anti-theft measuresCredit: Reuters

The picture features dozens of deodorants, ranging in price from $2-$16, behind protective glass that requires a key to unlock.

The Walmart shopper wrote “@Walmart if you keep stuff locked up and no one has a key, how are we supposed to buy it?”

Walmart replied to the post, asking the shopper to message the store to help solve the shopper’s complaint.

“Your shopping experience should be hassle-free, Mark,” Walmart replied.

“Can you please send us a DM with the store details, so that we can look into this for you?”

Retail theft across the country has been pushing stores to go to extremes when it comes to anti-theft protection.

Last year, retailers in the United States lost over $112 billion in revenue to retail theft, according to Capital One

If the trend continues, by 2026, retailers are expected to lose $150 billion to theft. 

This estimation is causing major retailers such as Walmart and Target to impose strict self-checkout restrictions, lock up products, and check customer’s receipts before leaving the store.

These new security measures aren’t sitting right with many customers.

Walgreens forced to close location for good despite new security measures after string of thefts left workers terrified

Shoppers across the country are annoyed with mega-store’s extreme anti-theft measures, with many posting on social media about their anger. 

One customer of the pharmacy chain CVS posted on X about a ‘dystopian’ display at the store.

@cvspharmacy Loving the dystopian lock up display only version of your stores,” the shopper wrote.

“Makes it truly impossible to shop in person.”

One shopper quoted the post to add on their frustrations with Target also locking up the store’s products. 

“I love going to Target when they’ve inexplicably removed all the call buttons but kept everything locked up so you have to wander around aimlessly to find someone to unlock it for you,” the Target shopper wrote. 

Products being locked up means customers have to wait around for employees to come unlock the case.

However, some customers have found that the stores they go to are understaffed, forcing them to wait a while or leave the store altogether. 

One Walgreens shopper posted on X about having to wait over 10 minutes for products to get unlocked, only to leave the store empty-handed.

“I wonder if Walgreens has saved money with those anti-theft locks or lost it when people like me say on minute 11 of waiting for someone to come unlock it ‘actually I’m not waiting here for a product I could have grabbed myself in what I wanted to be a quick run to the store’,” the shopper wrote.

Anti-theft measures rolled out by retailers

Retailers across the US and Canada have rolled out strategies designed to combat theft. The U.S. Sun has compiled a list of measures that have been implemented at stores.

  • Locking items in cabinets.
  • Security pegs.
  • Security cameras.
  • Signs warning about the impact of theft.
  • Receipt scanners.
  • Receipt checks.
  • Carts with locking technology

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