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Top 5 news stories in Wisconsin: Infrastructure, politics and public health | Racine County Eye

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As Wisconsin navigates a pivotal year, several key news stories are capturing the public’s attention. These stories reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the state’s current affairs, from substantial federal investments in infrastructure to significant legal challenges and public health concerns. Here are Wisconsin’s top five news stories right now, providing a snapshot of the political, economic, and social issues shaping the state’s landscape.

Top 5 news stories in Wisconsin right now

1. Wisconsin GOP Convention prepares for 2024 elections

Republicans in Wisconsin gathered in La Crosse over the weekend for their annual state party convention, focusing on strategies for the 2024 elections. The convention highlighted efforts to unify the party and prepare for upcoming legislative and presidential races. This event underscores the political maneuvering in a critical battleground state. Channel 3000

2. Governor Tony Evers signs $5 billion infrastructure investment

During a recent visit, President Joe Biden announced a massive $5 billion investment in Wisconsin’s infrastructure. The funding will support critical projects, including the reconstruction of the Blatnik Bridge, the expansion of high-speed internet access, and the replacement of lead water pipes. This significant federal support aims to revitalize and modernize the state’s infrastructure. UPI

3. Planned Parenthood challenges Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion law

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has asked the state Supreme Court to declare the state’s 1849 abortion law unconstitutional. The law, interpreted by conservatives as a ban on abortion, is being challenged in light of recent changes in the state’s judicial and political landscape. This case could have profound implications for reproductive rights in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Watch

4. Decline in vaccination rates due to misinformation

Wisconsin health officials are raising alarms over declining vaccination rates attributed to the spread of misinformation. Public health experts emphasize the dangers of false online information, leading to lower vaccination coverage and increased vulnerability to preventable diseases. Efforts are underway to combat this trend and improve public health outcomes. Public News Service

5. Wisconsin Legislature passes PFAS pollution bill

The Wisconsin Assembly has passed a bill allocating $125 million to address PFAS pollution, known as “forever chemicals.” Despite bipartisan support in the legislature, Governor Tony Evers has expressed reservations about the bill. The legislation aims to help municipalities and landowners manage and remediate PFAS contamination. Wisconsin Watch

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