Gun Violence, Homelessness, Mental Health Drive Fear in America’s Youth:…

Posted by April 24, 2023

America's young people are afraid. Very afraid.Forty percent of 18- to 29-year-old Americans – a generation that grew up participating in active shooter drill

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Many Shootings, Scant Research: America’s Lack of Data on Gun…

Posted by March 2, 2023

The recent mass shootings at a shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, and on the campus of Michigan State University are two of the latest high-profile examples of wh

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Why Employers Are Caring Less About College Degrees

Posted by February 2, 2023

Go to college, you'll get a better job and live a better life.Some version of that mantra has persisted for decades, with everyone from high school counselors t

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Cash for Colonoscopies: Colorado Tries to Lower Health Costs Through…

Posted by November 1, 2022

By Markian Hawryluk | KHNState employees in Colorado are being asked to be better consumers when shopping for health care services. And if they choose lower-cos

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How the Pandemic Changed the American Workday

Posted by September 28, 2022

Working Americans last year spent far less time commuting and were able to get more sleep, relax more and spend more time on household activities such as cookin

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