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Park City’s Snow Creek shopping center wants to add more parking for cars and bikes

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Plans filed with Park City’s planning department show the owner of Snow Creek shopping center wants to add 29 parking spaces including two with electric vehicle charging stations.

Fifteen of the parking stalls and the two EV chargers would be on the west side of the development next to the restaurant Five5eeds. The other spaces would be spread throughout the existing rows of parking at the shopping center.

The addition would increase the total number of parking spots to 353. It also includes four new bike racks.

During a discussion last month, Park City Planning Commissioner Laura Suesser expressed concerns about overflow users.

“I agree that there’s a need for additional parking there, but I’d like to understand if there are people parking there all day and taking the bus to the resort for instance, or parking there all day and going somewhere else in town,” Suesser said. “They’re not customers of your shopping center or employees of your shopping center, but rather people that are using that lot for all day parking.”

Kent Gibson, who manages Snow Creek plaza for Capstone Property Management, said some Hotel Park City employees have used the lot. Gibson said they have been towing vehicles.

“We are as active as we can be, the difficulty is… it’s hard for u , unless I can actually see them leave the area, [to] go just tow their car because they may be customers,” Gibson said.

Gibson told Suesser The Market has requested cars not be towed.

“I also had talked with The Market themselves about, sometimes the skiers will come,” Gibson said. “It may be easier to park there than across the street. They’re clients and we asked if we should start towing skiers and they told us not to.”

“The Market told you not to start towing skiers that are parking there all day taking the bus to the resort?” Suesser asked.

“Because they view them as customers and they didn’t want to offend their customers,” Gibson responded.

Suesser and other planning commissioners asked Gibson to conduct a parking study in the area. They also requested more stringent enforcement.

The parking plan is scheduled to be approved by planners at City Hall in June.

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