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Mallconomy Crypto Presale Will Support a Unique, Immersive, and Gamified Web3 Shopping Experience

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There are almost double the number of online shops in the USA compared to brick-and-mortar ones, indicating that online shopping is making a massive impact. Yet, over 83% of shoppers say they still prefer physical shops. This is a paradox that did not seem to have a solution until the invention of the metaverse, a collective virtual shared space, and a convergence of digital and real worlds: a Web3 crypto experience redefining the way the world’s population engages with each other.

Metaverse concepts have been around since the early 2000s when Second Life allowed users to create avatars and interact with each other in a digital reality. It was clunky, slow, and, in hindsight, remarkably bad, but a lot can happen in twenty years, and we are now standing at the threshold of a new horizon: the metaverse has matured, and it has found its perfect outlet in Mallconomy.

What is Mallconomy?

Mallconomy is a metaverse-based online shopping experience where users can have the experience of physical malls and shops combined with the range and convenience of online shopping. This is not a new concept, but the Mallconomy creators have given it an edge through a unique gamification system. Its browse-to-earn model rewards people in their own native Web3 crypto for simply being there, and everyone’s invited.

Mallconomy’s model will work just like real-life real estate – except on an infinite scale. Shops from mom-and-pop stores to massive multinational big-brand outfits can buy virtual real estate on the Mallconomy platform and sell both tangible and digital goods and services to the Mallconomy ‘Mallstars’ on its fully immersive online shopping platform.

This is the future of online shopping: Gen Z is now the fastest-growing economically active demographic on the planet, digital natives who drive the new digital economy through digital currencies and Web3 crypto worlds. It’s a sea change in how economies work, and those who get in on the concept early are those who will make the most profits.

Introducing WOOT, the shopaholic’s token of choice

Powering the entire platform is the Mallconomy Web3 crypto token, WOOT. The WOOT token is the currency of choice in Mallconomy, eliminating the need for foreign exchange or complex international trades. Users buy the Web3 crypto using either cryptocurrency or cash and use it to trade in the Mallconomy ecosystem. Payments can be withdrawn into local crypto accounts. It’s an idea that is so simple it just makes sense. The Mallconomy infrastructure is economically centered, with the WOOT token following all sound financial principles.

The WOOT token can be staked for rewards, capped at a billion tokens to enforce scarcity, and even a MallBank will be created to manage the flow of tokens.

At the end of the day, Mallconomy is so much more than a gimmick or a cool online shopping experience. It is a global microcosm of a free economy where goods and services are traded between buyers and sellers all over the world in instant blockchain-based Web3 crypto transactions.

Final Thoughts

The investment opportunity behind Mallconomy and the WOOT Web3 crypto token cannot be underestimated. To springboard the revolution in online shopping, Mallconomy is now offering a token sale. Token sales are where cryptocurrencies are sold directly from the developers at a set price before they are launched on the open market. These token sales are usually the lowest a token will ever trade for.

ICOs (initial coin offerings) and token sales are where investors go for those sweetheart deals that made cryptocurrency famous.

Web3 crypto WOOT tokens are now available at only $0.00276 during this phase of their presale and can be acquired through Ethereum, BNB, and Tether (USDT) payments, or even via credit card.

It has never been easier to be part of the new metaverse economy, and as online shopping inches closer to the $10 trillion mark, getting in on Mallconomy is just good business sense.

You can participate in the Mallconomy presale here.

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