Friday, May 24, 2024

Is Airport Retail Evolving Into the New Shopping Mall? – RetailWire

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Hybrid stores, a blend of retail and food and beverage offerings, are reshaping the landscape of airport retail worldwide. According to Lagardère Travel Retail’s Travel Experience Voices series, 76% of surveyed airports recognize hybrid concepts as a long-term trend, with 24% noting a surge in popularity for their ability to enhance the customer experience.

These dynamic spaces, as described by Dag Rasmussen, Lagardère Travel Retail chairman and CEO, integrate convenience, entertainment, and engagement and redefine the travel experience. “Hybrid concepts stand at the crossroads of innovation, blending digital with physical, global with local, and retail with F&B,” he said.

The survey, conducted between January and March 2024 across 58 airports and 150 brands in 27 countries, highlights the growing significance of hybrid stores in the travel retail sector.