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iPad buying guide 2024: Pro, Air, or Mini?

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Apple unveiled updated versions of the iPad Air and the iPad Pro models on May 7, and discontinued the 9th Gen iPad, streamlining the entire lineup.

Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to pick one of the iPads:

iPads come in three sizes

Apple iPad 10th gen Apple iPad 10th gen

Even though the 10th Gen iPad is 0.1-inch smaller than the 11-inch iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPads are currently available in three sizes, with the iPad Mini with its 8.3-inch screen being the smallest. The 10.9-inch or 11-inch options come next, best suited for most users, and then comes the bigger 13-inch Air and Pro models.
In terms of design, the 10th Gen iPad, iPad Air, and the iPad Mini are similar. The iPad Pro looks different from the rest of the lineup.

10th Gen iPad, iPad Mini come with mobile-class chips

The standard iPad is powered by the A14 Bionic chip while the iPad Mini is based on the A15 processor. These processors are found on the previous generation iPhones and are enough for everyday usage such as web browsing, light gaming, video streaming, taking notes, and more.

iPad Air, Pro equipped with Mac-class processors

iPad Pro | iPad mini | iPad Air | iPad Here’s a list of all the iPad available in India. (Image Source: Apple)

The iPad Air and the iPad Pro, on the other hand, come with more capable M2 and cutting-edge M4 processors, respectively, enabling new features such as AAA gaming, high-resolution video editing, rendering, and more.

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With these things out of the way, here is how you can choose the right iPad in 2024:

iPad Mini for those who need a compact tablet

If you are looking for an iPad that is compact and powerful, the iPad Mini, with its starting price of Rs 49,900, is a great choice in 2024. It has a premium build, USB-C port and the same software experience as the more expensive iPads. It is even compatible with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.

The iPad mini also comes with 5G connectivity (costs more) for those who need a tablet with cellular connectivity.

The 10th Gen iPad is for almost everyone

Apple iPad 10th Gen iPad is available in four colour options (Image credit: Apple)

For everyone looking for a tablet that doesn’t cost a lot, the 10th Gen iPad is an easy pick. With the recent price cut, it sells for Rs 34,900. At this price, you get an iPad that looks as good as the iPad Air with modern connectivity like a USB-C port. This is also one of the first iPads to get a selfie camera in landscape mode.
From students who take notes using an Apple Pencil (which supports Gen 1 and USB-C models) to those who need an iPad for casual use, the 10th Gen iPad is a great choice.

13-inch iPad Air for those who need a big tablet

If screen size is all you are looking for and you need the biggest ever iPad possible for the least amount of money, the 13-inch iPad Air is the one to pick. With its M2 chip, it is now as capable as the previous generation iPad Pro.

While it might not have all the bells and whistles of an iPad Pro, it’s still a great choice. Even if you are upgrading from a previous generation iPad Air or an iPad Pro, this will definitely feel like an upgrade, which starts at Rs 79,900.

iPad Pro (M4) for professional users

Apple iPad Pro Apple at its ‘Let Loose’ event introduced some innovative features including the powerful M4 chip and OLED on iPad Pro. (Image: Apple)

Lastly, the iPad Pro (M4) series is for those who feel the rest of the models aren’t enough. Both variants of the iPad Pro come with the same M4 chip, OLED screen, thin-and-light design, and Face ID. These are the only iPad models offering a 120Hz refresh rate with colour-accurate display.

If you are someone who hates light reflections, there is also a special nano-textured glass model that cuts down the light reflection and reduces smudges and fingerprints on the screen. With a starting price of Rs 99,900 for the 11-inch and Rs 1,29,900 for the 13-inch models, these are a bit more expensive, but they also pack everything one expects from a high-end tablet.

We hope this guide helps you pick the right iPad.

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