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How to Shop the Nancy Meyers Aesthetic Going Viral on TikTok

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If you’ve ever fantasized about living inside the world of a Nancy Meyers film, then TikTok’s latest design trend might be your ticket to transporting into the filmmaker’s cozy, lived-in universe — or at least replicating it within your own home.

Besides being the creative brainchild of Meyers, films like “The Holiday,” “The Parent Trap,” and “Something’s Gotta Give,” also share another commonality: their inimitable home interiors, which are so timeless, they’ve even managed to inspire a new decorating fad (aptly called the “Nancy Meyers aesthetic”) that pulls inspiration straight from the rom-com creator’s most beloved movies.

In Pinterest’s 2024 summer trends report, the brand found that searches for “Nancy Meyers living room,” “Nancy Meyers homes,” and “Nancy Meyers-core” had soared in recent months. Many furniture brands are curating exclusive product guides that sample some of Meyers’s signature design style. And the “Nancy Meyers aesthetic” tag on TikTok has already amassed more than 17.8 million videos on the platform, with users documenting how they’ve paid homage to the filmmaker through their home’s design.

While we might not have the Hollywood-backed budgets necessary to recreate the famous Nancy Meyers interiors seen throughout her films (at least not exactly), we can still mirror her design style on a budget.

How to Shop the Nancy Meyers Aesthetic

So, what is it that makes this TikTok aesthetic feel so unique and modern, despite the films that inspired it being released years ago? “I think this aesthetic is so popular because it appeals to the majority of people. The interiors feel like the true definition of home with their warmth and ‘lived in’ personality,” interior designer Brianna Untener previously told PS.

Unlike other modern design trends, this TikTok aesthetic is heavily focused on neutral undertones, vintage decor accents, and throw pillows galore. It’s all about creating a space that feels comfortable, cozy, and charming yet still notably elegant. It’s also fairly easy to shop — especially if you’re buying furniture from brands like Pottery Barn, Serena & Lily, Urban Outfitters, or Etsy.

If you’re still wondering how to shop the Nancy Meyers aesthetic, we rounded up a few products that’ll help you achieve the design style within your own home, below. Keep reading to see our picks.

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