Sunday, May 19, 2024

How Google’s New AI Travel Tools Will Make Planning Your Trip Easier

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If users like what they see, they can click on links to be redirected to booking sites, or export the itinerary suggestions to Gmail, Google Docs, or Google Maps to help streamline the trip-planning process and collaborate with travel companions. Currently, SGE is only available to US users in English.

Google is also testing out other features and AI-powered capabilities in Maps and Lens with travelers in mind.

Google Maps: travel recommendations and customized lists

Two new capabilities are coming to Maps that will benefit travelers. First, Google is adding recommendations to the platform. When you search for a city — currently only certain cities in the US and Canada — you’ll be shown a list of recommendations sourced from both Maps users and publications. Restaurant lists categorized as “trending, top, and hidden gem” will also feature.

The search engine is also making it easier to organize the places you love by allowing you to customize lists in Maps. While users were previously able to create lists, the new capability will allow you to sort them, whether that means ranking your favorite places or using a different system. If you’re someone who chronicles your life on social media, you’ll also be able to link lists to social content, making it that much easier to keep track of memorable experiences.

Both capabilities will be available globally to Apple and Android users this month.

Google Lens: Circle to Search translation

While Search Generative Experience targets trip-planners, a new Lens feature will aid travelers on the ground. It’s called Circle to Search, and it’s designed to help you translate anything on your device’s screen. All you have to do is hold down the home button or navigation bar and then select the translation icon.

The Lens app was already a handy tool for translating text, such as signage, that you might encounter abroad. Circle to Search makes it possible to translate text without having to switch apps. Two benefits of Circle to Search that Google cites for travelers are navigating restaurant menus and translating written song lyrics in real time.

Currently available to select Android users, Circle to Search will be accessible on more Android devices in the coming weeks.

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