Thursday, May 23, 2024

Google’s reportedly going to turn Android into Windows Phone (finally) and leverage its laptop OS

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What you need to know

  • Remember Continuum from Windows Phone? A recent report suggests Google is trying to do the same (finally) with Android. 
  • The report suggests Google is experimenting with leveraging ChromeOS to act as a desktop interface when connecting an Android device to an external display. 
  • Just like Continuum (RIP), this could be a huge step in the workplace or for travel, even for Microsoft users. 

Spoiler alert: I like Chromebooks. I also like Android, in fact, it was working on our sister site, Android Central, that gave me my first break in this industry. Windows Phone got its hooks in, though, and the rest is history. So imagine how much I smiled when a recent report shows, yet again, how our fallen favorite was years ahead of its time. 

Android Authority’s Mishaal Rahman has detailed an internal experiment at Google that’s said to leverage ChromeOS (sort of) to act as a desktop environment when a Pixel phone is hooked up to a display. 

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