Sunday, May 19, 2024

Google’s new Tinder-like shopping feature will give personalised fashion recommendations | – Times of India

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Google is taking a page out of Tinder‘s playbook with its latest shopping feature, allowing users to swipe right or left on clothing items to receive personalised fashion recommendations.
When searching for specific clothing items, such as “straw tote bags” or “men’s polo shirts,” users will now find a dedicated “style recommendations” section. In this section, users can rate products simply swiping right or left, mimicking the dating apps’ iconic gesture.Or one can also use the thumbs up or thumbs down button, and Google will then instantly display personalised results based on the user’s preferences.
The company stated that if users haven’t found exactly what they’re looking for, they can continue rating more items to see additional personalised results. Google will also remember these preferences for future searches, ensuring users receive tailored recommendations whenever they search for similar items.
If a user accidentally give a positive rating to a product that they didn’t actually like or just want to avoid getting personalised shopping recommendations altogether, they can easily manage their preferences. To do this, click on the three-dot menu that appears next to a result and go to the personalization options, which are located in the “About this result” section.
Google announced that it has begun rolling out the new feature for US shoppers using mobile browsers and the Google app. Currently, there is no word on if or when the company plans to expand this feature to other countries.
According to the company, it updates over two billion listings every hour, ensuring that the pricing, availability, and shipping details are up-to-date. Moreover, according to the company, people browse on Google over a billion times every day, viewing more than 45 billion products in their search results.

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