Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Google’s Find My Device network is live, but it isn’t working as expected

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What you need to know

  • Google rolled out the highly-anticipated Find My Device network for the Android ecosystem in April 2024.
  • Now, the first wave of Find My Device-supported item trackers is starting to hit the hands of reviewers and buyers.
  • Early reports indicate Find My Device is less reliable than Apple’s Find My network, and Google’s extensive opt-out options may be the reason why. 

The best Android phones have plenty of advantages over iPhones, and there aren’t a ton of iOS features that truly make Android users jealous. With that in mind, Apple’s Find My network is certainly something that Android users were a bit envious of — and if they weren’t, they should’ve been. The network uses over a billion active devices and works with $29 item trackers (AirTags) to make finding your tech and other items painless. Apple goes as far as to say that your phone can’t go a single city block without updating its location in Find My. 

Google finally came up with a real answer to Apple’s Find My network with Find My Device. It’s a crowdsourcing network for Android that works similarly to Find My. In fact, Google makes the same claim that Find My Device includes over a billion active devices. The network just rolled out in April and became more widely available in May. Now, the first wave of Find My Device-capable item trackers is shipping. 

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