Sunday, May 19, 2024

Google unveils AI-driven scam call detection for android

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At the Google I/O 2024 event held on May 14, Google unveiled a series of groundbreaking announcements, with one significant addition tailored to address a prevalent concern among Android users: the Scam Call Alert feature. This innovation, showcased during the event, promises to revolutionize how users interact with potentially fraudulent calls by harnessing the power of Google’s Gemini AI.

Android took to its official social media channels to provide a sneak peek into this upcoming feature, revealing that it’s currently under development and will leverage Gemini Nano AI to swiftly identify and flag suspicious calls in real-time.

Upon detecting a scam call, users will receive a prompt cautioning them against common scam tactics, such as deceitful requests for fund transfers or payments. This alert empowers users with the choice to either dismiss the warning and proceed with the call or terminate it immediately, thereby safeguarding against potential scams.

In a blog post, Google highlighted the staggering global losses amounting to 1 trillion dollars due to fraudulent activities in the past year alone. To combat this growing threat, Google is rigorously testing the Scam Call Alert feature, equipped with Gemini Nano AI, to equip users with the tools needed to thwart scam attempts as they happen.

Scammers often employ tactics aimed at extracting sensitive information, such as financial details or personal credentials, during phone conversations. Google’s proactive approach aims to intercept such malicious attempts, providing users with real-time alerts and enhancing their overall security.

While specific details regarding the functionality of this feature remain scarce, it is anticipated to roll out to Android users worldwide by the year’s end, promising a heightened level of protection against fraudulent activities.

Meanwhile, amidst the flurry of announcements, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced another game-changing addition powered by Gemini AI: “Ask Photos” in Google Photos. This innovative feature is designed to streamline the process of searching for specific images or retrieving relevant information from users’ extensive photo galleries, further enhancing the user experience within the Google ecosystem.dA

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