Friday, May 24, 2024

Google TV will use AI to enhance recommendations and descriptions

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Alongside the announcement that Android 14 is coming to TVs, I/O 2024 also brought the news that Google TV is preparing AI recommendations and descriptions for your living room.

Google says that it is using Gemini to improve recommendations and content descriptions on Google TV. The most prominent way in which users will see this is through the content descriptions of movies and shows on Google TV’s featured row.

As pictured below, Google TV will generate descriptions of the content being recommended which, according to Google, will be personalized to each individual user based on their preferences. AI is also being used to fill in descriptions that are missing or not available in your language.

Google says:

Want to know why a movie or show might be the right fit for you? We’ve begun using the Gemini model to generate personalized for the home screen’s Featured carousel to help users decide what to watch. And we now fill in missing or untranslated descriptions for movies and shows so users can discover new favorites they might have missed otherwise.

These changes might not be showing up for everyone just yet, but you’ll probably start noticing them soon. A tell-tale sign, we presume, will likely be longer descriptions, but we’ll have to wait and see how this works whenever it starts rolling out widely.

As mentioned, at Google I/O 2024, Android 14 for TVs was also announced. There’s no word on when this will go live (though Google hints elsewhere it will arrive later this year), but it will bring enhanced picture-in-picture, energy modes, and app enhancements too.

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