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Google Search celebrates Minecraft’s 15-year anniversary with fun new Easter egg

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May 17, 2009 saw the release of “Cave Game,” the first iteration of what would soon become Minecraft. This year, the game celebrates its 15-year anniversary and, with that, Google has a fun new Easter egg too.

If you head over to today and search “Minecraft,” a grass block from the game will appear at the bottom of the page once it’s fully loaded. Clicking that starts a new mode where you become Steve, the game’s iconic character, and can break on-screen elements to reveal parts of a Minecraft world.

Moving the cursor around on screen will let you select individual parts of the results page – whether that be the Knowledge Panel, individual search results, articles in the Google News block, and more. As you click each piece, Steve’s arm moves and starts to break that “block.” Once pieces of the Minecraft world are shown, you can then break those individual blocks as well. Cleverly, and like in the real game, some blocks take longer to break than others.

As you scroll down the Google Search page, more pieces of a Minecraft world can be shown including caves. As you “dig” down deeper, you might find ore, TNT, The Nether, and more. A counter on the left side of the screen shows how many blocks you’ve broken in the various parts of the world.

The Easter egg doesn’t go much further than that – at least that we’ve seen – but it’s a really fun tribute to the best-selling video game of all time.

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