HYROX: the fitness sport phenomenon taking the world by storm,…

Posted by February 22, 2024

Age is no barrier to exercise – as these four ladies from onePT have proven, after winning third place in their very first HYROX event, the accessible fitness

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Arnold Is on a Mission to Make the World of…

Posted by February 19, 2024

Arnold Is on a Mission to Make Fitness InclusiveInstagramARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER IS a well-known fitness evangelist, and frequently speaks about how setting and a

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Mother of Two and Eight-Time World Fitness Champion: Anca Nicole…

Posted by February 11, 2024

In the bustling town of Beckenham, a mother of two has emerged as an extraordinary force in the wo

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CEO Corner: iFIT’s Kevin Duffy on the ‘World’s Most Effective’…

Posted by February 1, 2024

Duffy and the iFIT team are leaning into AI, digital content and hardware integrations to build the ultimate fitness experience A longtime audio industry execu

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