Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Forge strategic partnerships and drive collaborative initiatives at the Infrastructure Africa Business Forum 2024 | African Mining Market

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The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum, set to convene on 16th – 17th July 2024, in Cape Town, promises more than just insightful discussions on infrastructure development; it offers unparalleled networking and collaboration opportunities for stakeholders across the continent.

  • Facilitating meaningful connections

At the heart of the Infrastructure Africa Business Forum lies a commitment to fostering collaboration among industry leaders, government officials, project developers, investors, and financiers. The event serves as a vibrant platform where stakeholders can exchange ideas, forge strategic partnerships, and catalyse transformative projects that address Africa’s infrastructure needs.

  • Structured networking sessions

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in structured networking sessions designed to facilitate meaningful interactions. From roundtable discussions to matchmaking events, these sessions enable participants to connect with like-minded professionals, explore potential synergies, and identify avenues for collaboration across diverse sectors.


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  • Engage with key decision-makers and C-Suite infrastructure Executives

The forum brings together a diverse array of speakers and panellists, including government representatives, industry experts, C-Suite infrastructure Executives and thought leaders. Attendees will have direct access to key decision-makers, enabling them to gain valuable insights into regulatory frameworks, policy priorities, and investment opportunities directly from those shaping Africa’s infrastructure landscape.

  • Project dealroom and showcase sessions

Entrepreneurs, innovators and project developers, will have the chance to showcase their solutions and infrastructure projects through dedicated pitch sessions and exhibitions. Whether it’s showcasing innovative technologies, sustainable infrastructure solutions, or impactful projects, these sessions provide a platform to attract investment, partnerships, and support from a diverse audience.

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