Thursday, May 23, 2024

Equipment Operator Signing Day at Warren County Area Technology Center – WNKY News 40 Television

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WARREN COUNTY, KY.- Dozens of proud parents, teachers, and leaders gathered for graduates at the Warren County Area Technology Center to support future engineer operators and heavy lifters choose their career paths.

Michael Holtgraver, an instructor and Warren County Heavy Equipment Operator shares some of the businesses the graduating students signed up for and how they have impacted the program. Michael “The Murphy Construction Group, Scotty’s Contracting, and Stone Holland, they were all a part of the program development before me, but they’re instrumental to this program because they provide things that the school system can’t.”

Giving students hands-on experiences when it comes to their futures opens their eyes to the possibilities. Payton Bowden, the first woman graduating from class civil engineer says, “I knew I went to engineering, but I wasn’t sure what kind, and just being on the field trips and seeing these companies work, like, in real-time inspired me to just be out there and love what I do.”

The graduating students are being trained to shape the world around them; and with Warren County and city leaders inspiring and motivating the students, the opportunities have become limitless.

Michael also shares his hope for his students. He says, “My desired outcome for every single student is that they’ll be hired on into a, you know, a career, not not a job.”

This is not only giving the students a solid career. It’s also providing peace of mind to parents

Shane Weckerly, a proud dad of a graduating student shares how this affects the students. Shane says, “It just gives them such a jumpstart. You know? In today’s world, you hear so many people about having college debt and, you know, those types of things, and they’re just starting out life under a heavy burden.”

Warren County students know the value of the career they are choosing and how impactful their futures will be to everything around them. Payton says, “The trades in general are something where it is the backbone of our country. Without the tradesmen and people who work in that industry, we would have nothing.”

Michael also says how this program creates a space for young minds to be nurtured, and the students; desire for the industry will increase along with their skills. He says, “The opportunity of this program is important for our industry whatever that may be. The trades in general, just getting younger, younger minds interested into the trades to develop our, our community.”

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