Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Employers Voice Their Concerns at Small Business Day on Beacon Hill | NFIB

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Small business owners from every corner of the Commonwealth gathered in Boston to raise awareness on the issues and policies impacting their bottom line. This was an opportunity for the state’s employers to meet with elected officials at the State House on the pending proposals that may affect how you do business.

Guests of the event were welcomed by Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, who provided opening remarks. NFIB State Director Christopher Carlozzi, along with Jon Hurst of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts and Jessica Muradian of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, offered a legislative update focusing on healthcare costs, time-off policies, and labor mandates like the tipped wage. Following the policy briefing, a panel discussion on Small Business Competitiveness took place. Panelists included Representative Paul McMurtry – House Chairman of the Joint Committee on Community Development & Small Business, Senator Michael Moore – Senate Chairman of the Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, the Internet, & Cyber Security, and Senator Peter Durant – of the Joint Committee on Economic Development & Emerging Technologies.

Business owners were then encouraged to meet with their legislators on the issues important to their businesses. Using the information provided at Small Business Day, they were able to articulate to policymakers how the legislation crafted on Beacon Hill can harm economic growth and job creation.

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