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Customer slams ‘disproportionate’ anti-theft measures as shopping takes longer

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A FRUSTRATED shopper has revealed they are fed up with an anti-theft measure that is becoming increasingly common in retail stores.

The customer is one of many to question whether a store’s anti-theft measures have gone too far.


Retail shoppers are getting fed up with the long waits due to anti-theft measuresCredit: Getty
One customer has revealed that locking up items makes her feel like a 'bandit'


One customer has revealed that locking up items makes her feel like a ‘bandit’Credit: Getty

“America is so funny like why are the toothbrushes locked up got me feeling like a bandit bc I want to clean my teeth?” the user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“There’s no way people are stealing toothbrushes at a disproportionate rate that requires this.”

Another shopper replied revealing they had to wait 30 minutes before an employee could help her get deodorant that was locked behind a glass.

“One time I had to wait 30-minutes at Walgreens from someone to come unlock the deodorant for me,” they said.

“And there was no other store to go to nearby.”

Walgreens is one of the many retailers under fire from customers who have become fed up with their anti-theft measures.

One person noted that they never have an enjoyable experience in the store, and has become curious if these measures are even profitable in the long run.

“I wonder if Walgreens has saved money with those anti-theft locks or lost it when people like me say on minute 11 of waiting for someone to come unlock it ‘Actually I’m not waiting here for a product I could have grabbed myself in what I wanted to be a quick run to the store,'” the X user wrote in a post.

Many have echoed similar sentiments as they have noticed long wait times just to get the items in their hands.

“If they want to lock everything up, they *should* hire more staff to open the cases. But they’re not gonna do that,” someone else said in response to the post on X.

“Exactly! They have the people who work the registers (which always has a line at my stores) do it, so it’s always a long wait,” the original poster added.

CVS shoppers have experienced a similar issue, revealing they won’t buy the items at all if it’s behind a glass.

‘It was all the way in the machine,’ warns man who found info-swiping device at CVS – shoppers are risking their cards

“On a couple of occasions, I’ve walked into one to buy something, realized it’s locked behind plexiglass,” Krang Nelson (@krangtnelsonsaid on X.

“Realized there are no employees to unlock the plexiglass.

“And left without buying anything. 

“Idiot company run by morons.”

Stores in which you may find products lock up

The following retailers may lock shelves when needed to combat rising theft.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • Dollar Tree
  • The Home Depot
  • Sephora

It comes after CVS recently spoke out about the backlash, explaining they only lock up their items when they feel they have to.

“Locking a product is a measure of last resort,” a CVS spokesperson said in an email, per Los Angeles Times.

A CVS employee in California revealed the store she works for has a massive theft issue.

“It happens all the time,” the CVS employee said, Manteca / Ripon Bulletin reported.

“Police don’t respond anyway because it’s not over $950.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walgreens and Target for comment.

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