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California Officials Allocate Nearly $2B for Infrastructure Work : CEG

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The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently allocated $1.9 billion to support transportation infrastructure projects that play a starring role in powering the world’s fifth largest economy. The approved funding provides significant investments for bridges, roadways, transit and improved facilities for people who walk and bike.

The latest allocations also include nearly $430 million from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 (IIJA) and $740 million via Senate Bill (SB) 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

Among the efforts spurred by the $1.9 billion commitment include several projects prioritizing the state’s vital bridge network, highlighted by $27.6 million for the Interstate 405 improvement project in Los Angeles County, more than $4 million to repair bridge damage along Interstate 80 in Alameda County and $600,000 to replace the Ackerman Creek Bridge in Mendocino County.

Also included are projects that will build or renovate shoreline embankments, bus, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and railroad overcrossings.

“California’s transportation infrastructure is critical to the economic and cultural lifeblood of our state and this funding provides key support in our mission to provide a safe, equitable and sustainable transportation system for all users,” said Tony Tavares, Caltrans director.

Some of the largest projects include:

  • Approximately $28.5 million, including more than $25.2 million in federal IIJA funding and $3.3 million in SB1 funding, in support allocations toward roadway and guardrail improvements from south of Shimmins Ridge Road to north of Old Sherwood Road near Willits in Mendocino County;
  • Approximately $6.5 million in emergency allocations toward roadway, viaduct, retaining wall and culvert repairs and erosion control on Route 1 south of the Juan Creek Bridge near Rockport in Mendocino County following heavy rainfall that started on Jan. 31, 2024;
  • Approximately $4.5 million in SB1 funding in emergency allocations toward roadway and embankment repairs, rock slope protection and erosion control on U.S. 101 south of Route 271 near Leggett in Mendocino County following heavy rainfall that started on Jan. 31, 2024;
  • Red Bluff Bridges (State Route 36 in Red Bluff, Tehama County) at various locations from East Sand Slough Bridge to Paynes Creek Slough Bridge: Bridge seismic restorations at various locations. This project includes $8,076,000 in SB 1 funding;
  • $55 million allocation for U.S. 101 in southern Santa Clara County at the interchange of U.S. 101 and SR 25. Reconstruct the interchange at a location just north of the existing interchange. The improvements will include a new, widened bridge to convey SR 25 over U.S. 101. It also will improve ramps for all traffic movements between U.S. 101 and SR 25 and minor realignment of SR 25 to the north. New traffic signals will be installed at the northbound and southbound ramp termini with SR 25;
  • $14.6 million allocation for the expansion of WETA Ferry Service (Shoreside Charging Infrastructure). The infrastructure will modify standard floats to house batteries that will allow vessels to charge while vessels are docked. This will help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled by providing the supporting infrastructure for the all-electric vessels to operate;
  • $54 million in SB1 funding for the next phase of widening U.S. 101 in Santa Barbara County. The funding will allow the construction of HOV lanes from just south of Olive Mill Road overcrossing to just south of the Cabrillo Boulevard undercrossing;
  • Tulare 190 Emergency Landslide Repair: The project on State Route 190 will remove large boulders from the roadway, repair slopes, pavement and drainage systems, install erosion control and install retaining walls at damaged locations near Springville and Camp Nelson from 0.4 mi. west of Flume Overcrossing to McComber Drive. Full funding allocation: $52 million. SB1 funding allocation: $32.1 million;
  • Interstate 405 Improvement Project: This project is located from Wilshire Boulevard to Victory Boulevard on I-405. The improvements include repaving work, replacing overhead sign structures and sign panels, upgrading guardrail and upgrading facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The allocation is $27.6 million;
  • A $31.9 million project in Riverside County (I-215) In Riverside, upgrading pavement, enhancing curb ramps to meet ADA standards and install new signs south of Martin Luther King Blvd to north of Chicago Ave.;
  • $47,529,000 to Caltrans for I-805 in the city of San Diego, from SR 52 to I-5 to rehabilitate culverts, upgrade Transportation Management System (TMS) elements, replace signs, enhance highway worker safety, upgrade lighting and upgrade facilities to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

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