Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Best Smart Scale for 2024

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Weigh yourself at the same time: To get a consistent reading when using any scale, it’s important to weigh yourself first thing in the morning before you’ve drank or eaten anything. “You should weigh yourself without clothes, or minimal clothing, and if you do so, try to wear the same clothing each time you weigh yourself,” said Stella Lucia Volpe, professor and head of the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech.

Volpe recommends weighing yourself no more than once a week. “If you weigh yourself more than that, you will see fluctuations in your body weight, and it may be frustrating if you are trying to lose weight,” she said.

Choose an even surface: You want to make sure your scale is on an even surface otherwise that imbalance will throw off the reading. Make sure to weigh yourself in the same place each time.

Keep in mind that the smart scale can be flawed: Remember that just because a smart scale can offer more data than an analog scale doesn’t always mean it’s better. “Smart scales have not been shown to have high accuracy and cannot be compared to the ‘gold standard’ measures of assessing bone mineral density and body composition as it relates to body fat and lean body mass, which is via using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA),” said Volpe.

Most people don’t have access to a Dexa scan, so the next best thing is a smart scale. “The smart scale can provide an estimation of body fat and total body water; however, note that the ‘gold standard’ ways to measure these would provide the more accurate data,” Volpe explains.

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