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Amazon, Flipkart, Google and Facebook agree on government’s new rules for online shopping reviews: Here’s what they say – Times of India

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The consumer affairs department held a meeting with major e-commerce companies to discuss tackling the issue of fake reviews. Tht a meeting held here, representatives from Amazon, Flipkart, Google and Meta, among others, endorsed the proposed quality control order to implement the IS 19000:2022 standard on ‘online consumer reviews’, according to the department.
This move comes after a voluntary system failed to significantly reduce fake reviews. Consumer complaints related to e-commerce surged from 95,270 in 2018 to a staggering 4,44,034 in 2023, highlighting the urgency of stricter regulations.
The proposed Quality Control Order will enforce the existing IS 19000:2022 standard, which outlines guidelines for both reviewers and platforms. This standard aims to ensure transparency and prevent manipulation by requiring:
* Identification of Reviewers: Anonymity for reviewers will be eliminated.
* Unedited Reviews: Reviews cannot be altered after submission to prevent tampering with content.
* Encouraging All Reviews: Platforms cannot suppress negative reviews.
Consumer Affairs Secretary Nidhi Khare emphasized the importance of these standards, stating that online shoppers rely heavily on reviews, especially for products they cannot examine physically. Fake reviews erode trust in online platforms and lead to poor purchasing decisions. While consumer activist Pushpa Girimji, who attended the meeting, welcomed the initiative, she stressed the importance of enforcing these regulations effectively to truly combat the issue of fake reviews.
The draft Quality Control Order will be open for public consultation before implementation. This signifies a significant step towards ensuring a more trustworthy online shopping experience for Indian consumers.

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