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Adif invests 42 million euros in Central region communication infrastructure

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Adif will invest 41.9 million euros in the renovation of its communication infrastructure in the Central region (including the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the provinces of Ávila, Segovia, Valladolid, Ciudad Real, and Jaén), with a construction period of 23 months. This will support the deployment of the ERTMS signalling system or the GSM-R mobile communications.

Through this initiative, Adif aims to provide greater reliability and robustness to the optical fibre network of conventional lines and deploy a new trunk fibre cable for the implementation of the Internet Protocol (IP) numeric address network, adapted to service needs. These actions are part of Adif’s Telecommunications Improvement Plan and aim to meet the future demand for railway operation services.

The awarded actions, carried out by the joint venture formed by the companies Contratas Vilor, Líneas y Cables, Marco Infraestructuras y Medio Ambiente, and Comsa Instalaciones y Sistemas Industriales, include adapting the fibre for the transport of all services and renewing or deploying fibre cabling where necessary.

Adif and Adif AV have an optical fibre network of over 24,000 km, with high coverage across Spain and interconnected with France and Portugal. The optical fibre network supports railway operation services and enables the development and implementation of the latest technologies related to railway management, such as the ERTMS signalling system or the GSM-R mobile communications model.

Once the communication needs inherent to railway traffic are addressed through this network, Adif and Adif AV offer capacity and services to telecommunications operators. The excess network capacity is also used for other purposes, such as collaborations for global technological and scientific development.

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